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Custom Desk Mat vs. Mouse Pad - What's the Difference?

Your mouse can only work properly if the right surface is underneath. There are two options: desk mats and mouse pads. Many people conflate the two, but they're not the same.

This article will cover the differences between a custom desk mat and a mouse pad.

Custom Desk Mat vs. Mouse Pad - What's the Difference?

What's the Difference Between a Custom Desk Mat and a Mouse Pad?

The biggest difference between a mouse pad and a custom desk mat is the size. Mouse pads are smaller and only have enough space for your mouse. Desk mats are larger and can hold both your mouse and keyboard.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Custom Desk Mat vs. Using a Mouse Pad?

You won't mistake desk mats for mouse pads any longer, but which is more suitable for your setup? The following advantages of mouse pads and desk mats will help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Custom Desk Mats

There are many reasons why you should consider a custom desk mat as your next PC companion.

Advantage #1 – Desk Mats Offer Greater Protection

Due to the larger design, desk mats more of your desk from spills, crumbs, ink stains, and other debris. Not only that, but they also shield more of your desk from the wear and tear caused by moving your mouse and keyboard.

Additionally, suppose you leave your desk unattended. Your child or pet could sneak up and have fun with the items on the table.

Custom white color mouse pad mockup

Your kid could use crayons and pencils to damage the desk. Similarly, pets could leave permanent marks with their claws.

A mat saves the day. It is to your desk what Captain America’s shield is to the Avengers crew. It protects your table from sharp objects, claws, and other perils.

Advantage #2 – Desk Mats Remain in Place

The last thing you want is to buy a custom desk mat that moves. Even the slightest motion by your mouse or keyboard can displace such mats, which lowers your productivity and performance.

You won't have this problem with modern desk mats, most of which feature a non-slip texture that fixes them to the table. As such, they allow you to use your keyboard and mouse without unwanted movements.

Advantage #3 – Desk Mats Help You Organize Your Table More Easily

It’s hard to organize your desk without a designated area for your mouse and keyboard. Someone else may start moving things around, thinking the position of your mouse and keyboard is irrelevant.

A bigger mat can be the difference-maker. By reserving a large part of your table for your keyboard and mouse only, it discourages others from tinkering with different positions. The result is a neatly organized desk.

Advantages of Custom Mouse Pads

Mouse pads aren't too shabby either. Here's what makes them a solid pick:

Advantage #1 – Mouse Pads Are Perfect for Small Desks

If you're short on desk space, mouse pads are superior to desk mats. They take up a tiny portion of your table, allowing you to protect the area underneath the mouse without sacrificing too much square footage.

Advantage #2 – Mouse Pads Are More Portable and Comfortable

Sometimes, you may feel like working or gaming from your living room. If so, you'll need to relocate your mouse and any accompanying accessories.

Rectangular aluminum mouse pad mockup, front view

You can easily do so if you have a mouse pad. The smaller design enables you to place the accessory pretty much anywhere.

What’s more, many mouse pads have built-in wrist support. It allows you to rest your hand, making extended gaming or work sessions more comfortable.

Advantage #3 – Mouse Pads Are More Affordable

Mouse pads and desk mats have the same purpose - protect your desk from scratches. But since mats provide greater coverage, they're more expensive. That's why pads are a better option if you're on a budget but still need some form of protection.

Which Is Better for Me?

If you have plenty of space and a bigger budget, a custom desk mat makes more sense than a mouse pad. By contrast, a mouse pad is the better choice if you're short on space and are looking for a cheaper desk cover.

Why Choose MousePads Now for Your Desk Mat or Mouse Pad?

There are countless providers of desk mats and mouse pads, but none offer as much value as MousePads Now. Here's what makes this store so good:

  • Customizable shapes – If you're tired of generic mouse pads, MousePads Now has the solution. You can find custom shapes that let you add a unique flair to your setup.
  • An array of materials – Felt mouse pads are outdated, but stores predominantly offer this material. MousePads Now isn't one of those shops. Here, you can find cutting-edge aluminum or leather pads that are more durable than their felt counterparts.
  • Bulk orders – If you need dozens of pads for your business, MousePads Now will make it happen. You can order a huge number of products to keep your team productive. Best of all, MousePads Now will process and send your order in just a few days.


Is a mouse pad the same as a desk mat?

No. A mouse pad is smaller than a desk mat and can only fit your computer mouse. Mouse pads are also less expensive than mats and have integrated wrist support.

How big is a desk mat?

Desk mats are available in many sizes, but most are 12x16 inches. Extra-large models are approximately 16.5x23.4 inches.

How big is a mouse pad?

The size of mouse pads vary. Small mouse pads are about 10.2x8.5 inches, whereas larger ones are around 13.8x10.6 inches.

Is a desk mat better than a mouse pad?

In some ways, yes. A desk mat protects a larger part of your desk from scratches. However, mouse pads are more comfortable due to wrist support.

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