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10 Benefits of Using Personalised Mouse Mats

Though your optical mouse can work on almost any surface, it still pays to have a mouse mat if you want to get the best performance out of it. And if you have an old-school trackball mouse, a mat is essential – the ball needs the mat’s padding to work properly.

Still, you’re not 100% sure that you need a mat, and you’re still figuring out if personalised mouse mats are the right choice for you. Read on to discover 10 benefits of having a custom mouse mat that may help you decide.

10 Benefits of Using Personalised Mouse Mats

Benefit 1 – Spruce Up Your Space

Far from being simply being practical additions to your computer setup, personalised mouse mats are decorative pieces. A mat – especially one customised with your own design – indicates who you are as a person and is something you can enjoy looking at while you work or play. And for a bonus, business owners can use personalised mouse mats to showcase their brands, both in the office and as promotional items offered to customers or remote workers.

Benefit 2 – Increase the Lifespan of Your Mouse

Just because an optical mouse can work on most flat surfaces, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the material those surfaces are made from. In particular, metal or hardwood surfaces can create scratches or hide debris that damages the laser inside. Personalised mouse mats are softer than these surfaces, creating a cushioned effect from which your mouse benefits in the long run.

Benefit 3 – They’re Affordable

You may think that emblazoning your own design onto a mouse mat would cost a lot of money, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Mouse Pads Now offers personalised mouse mats for as little as $4, with the price dropping even further if you order in bulk.

Benefit 4 – Improve Cursor Movement and Accuracy

Imagine that you have a textured wooden desk and you use your optical mouse directly on that desk. Not only are you potentially damaging the mouse over time, but the textures in the wood could lead to signal disruptions that affect your cursor. That may not be a big deal if you’re working. But if you’re a gamer – especially one who plays first-person shooting games that require twitch reactions – even the slightest of shifts can be the difference between defeat and victory. Personalised mouse mats ensure you have a consistent and smooth surface for your mouse so that nothing can interfere with your cursor.

Rectangular mouse pads mockup

Benefit 5 – Have Any Shape You Want

You may not quibble with the practical benefits of mouse mats, but you have an issue with their shape – so many of them are square. That can feel a little boring, which is one of the reasons why you don’t use one.

You don’t have to get square personalised mouse mats. Depending on the manufacturer, your mat can be cut to whatever shape you want. Some even have mats specifically cut to match the design, such as a cottage-shaped mouse mat, so they get a unique little decorative piece.

Benefit 6 – They’re Great for Business

The aforementioned possibility of using personalised mouse mats as branding tools is worth building upon. The vast majority of people (88% of them) say that they remember the names of the brands that give them promotional items. Your customised mouse mats could be a great way to ensure your company sticks in your customers’ minds.

Benefit 7 – They Make Great Gifts

Maybe you don’t have any uses for personalised mouse mats, but you know somebody who does. Great – you’ve just found your next gift idea. For instance, if you have a friend who’s a PC gamer, a mouse mat customised to feature their favourite character or game setting is sure to be appreciated.

Benefit 8 – Protect Your Table Surfaces

It’s not just wear and tear on your mouse that you have to worry about when you don’t have a mouse mat – the table can be a victim of scratches and fading, too. The pad absorbs all of the friction generated by mouse movements to ensure that friction doesn’t lead to unsightly marks forming on your desk.

Top view of mouse pad mockup

Benefit 9 – They Often Last Longer That Standard Mouse Mats

Anybody can buy a boring old mouse mat from a tech store and keep it in their office for a couple of years. But the materials used to make that mat may not be the best. The result? A mouse mat that wears out and even leaves residue on the desk.

Personalised mouse mats aren’t invulnerable and will eventually wear out, too. But you get a choice of materials – leather, acrylic, felt, and even aluminum alloy – that can extend the mat’s lifespan beyond that of a standard mat.

Benefit 10 – Keep Grime Away from Your Mouse

Scratches on the optical laser aren’t the only things you have to worry about when you use your mouse directly on a desk. Dust. Skin. Grime. It can all stick to your desk and transfer to your mouse when you’re working or gaming.

Not only is that nasty, but all of that grime can affect the device’s performance. A custom-made mouse mat is your mouse’s barrier between its inner workings and the unseen muck that may be on your desk.

Order Your Personalised Mouse Mats

Now that you know why personalised mouse mats are so great, there’s just one thing left to do – order some.

At Mouse Pads Now, you’ll find custom mats cut to whatever shape you want and made to feature your designs. Better yet, you can order individually or in bulk, with prices starting at just $4. Order today and you can get a perfectly-customised mouse pad by following a simple seven-step ordering process.

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